There is important work to be done. Out-of-date processes and poor work skills must not be allowed to get in the way or tear people apart.

Mapping Change, LLC brings decades of organizational development and educational expertise to the table. We know what works, how it works, and when the conditions are right for success.

Bringing our experience, knowledge and passion to bear.
When you enlist Mapping Change, you have access to a team that offers a powerful and unique constellation of services customized
for you, at this time, in today’s environment. Our passion is to build your skills and capacity, not your dependence. We can take you from initial assessment right through to detailed implementation; however, we can step in and out at any phase. We leave clients motivated and better prepared to meet their goals and sustain their own growth and success.

Our rich experiences and broad skills allow us to tackle culturally complex, high-conflict and cross-sector projects. This is a distinction in the field, and one that works to each individual client’s advantage. When the going gets tough, you can rely on us to stay the course and guide you through it successfully!

Our Services include:
  • Conflict Assessment
    Visioning, Consensus Building & Collaborative Decision Making
    Strategic Planning & Implementation Support
    Facilitation (Event Design through Documentation)
    Mediation & Conflict Resolution
    Advising & Conflict Coaching
    Training & Professional Development
    Systems Design for Sustained Success
    Program Evaluation & Grant Writing
We practice what we preach.
We collaborate with each client in a process of data-driven analysis, planning, design and decision-making to arrive at a contracted service that is highly customized. As a result, every client’s contract for service is itself a first-hand, concrete, modeling experience in authentic collaboration and principled engagement. Throughout this process we hold to the principles which we teach:
  • Buy-in is required for successful participation in planning, problem solving and skill building.
    All products and services are customized to client context and needs.
    Decision-making is data-informed.
    Efforts are designed for sustainability.
    Work is in the best interest of the community.